History & nature


The construction of Lounais-Hämeen Pirtti was started in the autumn of 1946 and it was inaugurated in 1948. The house was designed by architect V. Kyander. The furniture and textiles represent 1800s farmhouse style of the Tammela area. In the dining hall wall you can find the names of those who donated timber for building construction.


The folk park of Saari was established in 1932 as a general recreation and leisure place. Around the park you can find nature trails of different lengths, which are clearly marked with signs. On the shore of Kuivajärvi lake is a lean-to, where you can take a break and admire opening onto the lake.

On the area you can also find Kaukola Harju Observation Tower, which offers breathtaking views over the lake. At the foot of the tower you can find a memorial stone of a Finnish painter Albert Edelfelt who painted by the famous lake landscape.

There's also great places to go for a swim. The Suujärvi lake is known by the divers for it's clear waters and unique vegetation. Kuivajärvi is a lake with a sandy beaches for sunbathers and the shallow shores are safe for smaller swimmers.