The Venue

The Venue

Banquet hall

The banquet hall can seat approximately
100 people. The hall is easily adaptable to different situations, such as celebrations or even business meetings.


The terrace can accommodate about 100 people to dine and admire the scenery to the lake. The terrace is completely covered, so no summer rain can ruin the celebrations, but in winter time the terrace is not available.


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The sauna has room for 10 people at a time and is available for rent all year round. It is located on the beachfront so you can take a refreshing dip in the lake. Or in winter time, if you are brave enough, go ice swimming.

The dressing room is a comfy place to cool off and enjoy refreshments that you can order directly to the sauna facilities.


lounais-hämeen pirtti sauna


The armoury in the ground floor is an excellent meeting and dining facility for small groups. The room is decorated in Hakkapeliitta theme with paintings and Hakkapeliitta weapons.

Hakkapeliitta were Finnish light cavalryman during the Thirty Years' War. Some of the weapons have been found from the lake next to Lounais-Hämeen Pirtti.



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